Saturday, September 26, 2009

Keystone: Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Video Training Course

Course highlights

  • Ensure quality of work with the necessary knowledge of the VB language.
  • Streamline applications with debugging and security considerations.
  • Understand the basics of creating a user interface with the underlying .NET framework.
  • Discover how to create desktop, smart client, and dynamic web applications.
  • Be more productive with enhancements to forms, solutions, and more.
  • About This Course

This course provides an introduction to the Visual Basic 2005 language. You’ll cover the basics of the language that include such areas as object-oriented programming and working with databases. This course will provide you with enough of a basis so you’ll be ready to tackle a variety of scenarios that may come up in your development work. With Visual Basic 2005 you’ll be able to build a variety of applications including Windows applications, web applications, web services, console applications, and more. All of these types of applications are available to Visual Basic 2005 because it creates applications to run right on the .NET framework. VB 2005 may have dropped the term “dot net” from it’s name, but it continues to create applications that take advantage of the powerful features of the .NET framework.

File include:

How To Use This Training.EXE
Instructor Introduction.EXE

Chapter 01 - The IDE.EXE
Chapter 02 - The NET Framework.EXE
Chapter 03 - First Program.EXE
Chapter 04 - Variables and Data Types.EXE
Chapter 05 - Chars and Strings.EXE
Chapter 06 - Arrays.EXE
Chapter 07 - Code, Comments, and Whitespace.EXE
Chapter 08 - Comparison Operations Using If.EXE
Chapter 09 - Cases and Loops.EXE
Chapter 10 - Conditional Looping with While and Until.EXE
Chapter 11 - Projects and Solutions Demystified.EXE
Chapter 12 - Basic Error Handling and Debugging.EXE
Chapter 13 - Function and Sub Procedures.EXE
Chapter 14 - Putting It All Together.EXE
Chapter 15 - Where to Go From Here.EXE



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