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CreativeCOW- Internet Killed the Video Star A Guide to Creating Video for the Web

  • CreativeCOW- Internet Killed the Video Star A Guide to Creating Video for the Web
    CreativeCOW- Internet Killed the Video Star A Guide to Creating Video for the Web
    .FLV | 3Gb

    Platform: Mac, Windows
    No matter what kind of video you do, you need this disk! Creative Cow's Aharon Rabinowitz shows you what you need to make your video look its best in Flash, on the web, and for podcasts. This is the real-world stuff you need to know, from one of the industry's most respected leaders and most engaging teachers.
    You'll learn how to get you video content on the web, looking as good as it possibly can, ready to reach the largest audience possible. The DVD covers video compression, creating and working with Flash Video, and formatting and distributing video podcasts. There's also a full section on creating video tutorials and demonstrations.
    In all, it's over 4.5 hours of training to keep the internet from killing your video.

    Building the foundation to improve your web video.

    1. Cooking Light for Video Compression
    Avoid some of the most common mistakes made when compressing video for the web.

    2A. Weapons of Mass Compression (pt. 1)
    Video formats and codecs, as well as how your target audience effects which ones you choose in the compression process.

    2B. Weapons of Mass Compression (pt. 2)
    Options common to virtually all compression programs.

    3. Advanced Compression Tools
    How these can be used to create high-quality video for the web.

    4. Audio for Compressed Video
    Plus tips for getting the most bang for your buck. Also covered is how playing air guitar seems like a good idea until you watch yourself on video. Then it becomes terribly embarrassing.

    5. Streaming Vs. Progressive Download
    The pros and cons of using each method of distribution.

    6. Compression Settings and Presets
    Both Advanced compression tools (such as Sorenson Squeeze) and the formats' native applications (such as QuickTime Pro) are covered.

    II. Working With Flash Video
    Creating Flash video in different applications, and integrating that video with your website. Aharon also walks you through some of the pitfalls you might find along the way.

    1. Intro to Flash Video
    The differences between the two flash movie formats, Flash SWF and Flash FLV, the pros and cons of each, and when to use each of them.

    2A. Creating Flash video with Flash (Pt.1)
    Create Flash SWF banners for your website in Adobe Flash.

    2B. Creating Flash video with Flash (Pt.2)
    Create FLV movies and SWF players in Adobe Flash, as well as how to batch convert video to the FLV format using the Flash Video Encoder.

    3. Adding Player Controls to already existing Flash Video
    This is especially useful for anyone creating FLVs in the Flash Video Encoder or any compression software that does not generate a video player.

    4. Creating Flash Video with Sorenson Squeeze
    Also covered is an introduction to On2 Flix Pro, a very popular Flash compression tool.

    5. Creating Flash Video with Camtasia Studio
    Camtasia Studio is a very popular screen capture tool available for Windows. This tutorial is only meant for people creating tutorials using Camtasia. Others can skip it.

    6. Adding Flash Video to a Website
    Aharon also covers adding other video formats to websites, as well. He also walks you through some of the biggest challenges faced in this process.

    III. Video Podcasting
    Podcasting from start to finish: how to create and format podcasts, how to create and update an RSS feed, how to distribute your podcast, and some advice on video resolution.

    1. Introduction to Podcasting
    How podcasting allows you to reach a global audience. If you???‚¬?„?re name is Steve, you???‚¬?„?ll especially enjoy this one. If not, it???‚¬?„?s still pretty useful.

    2. Specifications for iPod Video
    How the iPod video format was developed, and learn about the differences between video that can play on an iPod and Video that is meant for distribution as a podcast.

    3. Encoding the Video
    In this video, Aharon walks you through the process of encoding iPod video in several different software applications.

    4. Creating the RSS Feed
    Learn how to create an iTunes compatible RSS feed using Feed For All, an RSS feed generation program. You???‚¬?„?ll also learn about the different files needed for podcasting through iTunes.

    5. Working with the RSS Feed
    Editing RSS feeds, and using any existing iTunes compatible RSS feed on the web to build your own RSS feed.

    6. Distributing your Podcast
    Use iTunes and other podcast listing services. Also covered is podcast subscription, publicity, and how some of the best advice can be found in cartoons.

    7. Some Advice on Podcast Resolution
    In addition to podcast resolution, Aharon discusses the Apple iPhone???‚¬?„?s ???‚¬?“wide screen???‚¬HT? resolution, how it differs from standard wide screen, and how it will affect the way you format your content.

    IV. Creating Video Tutorials
    In this section of the DVD, Aharon addresses the most common question he gets asked: ???‚¬?“How do you make you???‚¬?„?re tutorials????‚¬HT? He???‚¬?„?ll walk you through every aspect of his process, from start to finish. Be warned: This may kill the magic.

    1. Tutorial Pre-Production
    Aharon's philosophy of good tutorial making, as well as the steps he takes before getting started. Also covered is choosing a topic, project organization, and how to sound like you actually know what you???‚¬?„?re talking about. Really.

    2. Working with Audio
    Even if you use a different software application, this will introduce you to some very important audio tools common to most audio-editing software, including enhancing your audio for maximum clarity and impact.

    3. Screen Capture
    Planning ahead can really make a difference in the entire process. Plus, how you can take a break from recording without anyone ever noticing.

    4. Editing the Video
    Editing video, and formatting it for the iPod. If you???‚¬?„?ve wondered how Aharon creates natural feeling Zooms and Pans in his tutorials, then you won???‚¬?„?t want to miss this.

    5. Compression and Final Delivery
    In the final video of this DVD, Aharon shows you how he compresses his rendered video for both the large format Flash version and video podcasts.

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