Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free download Stash Issue 54 with Bonus DVD

  • Stash Issue 54 with Bonus DVD
    Stash Issue 54 with Bonus DVD
    ISO | DVD 720 x 480 | Dolby Digital (AC3) 192 Kbps | Rapidshare | 3.77GB + 2.11GB

    Stash 54 goes straight for the jugular with a killer mix of techniques and talent, a big, fat behind the scenes section, PLUS the latest work from DAf, Flaunt, BIGSMACKtv and Motus Digital on the bonus disk.

    The main program opens with the shattering power of Mainframe’s new CG promos for UK reality show “Rehab” then counters with a series of exceptionally fun spots including Coke “Avatar” from Oscar nominated Nexus duo Smith and Foulkes, Superfad’s hilarious ode to super-hot bunny love for Durex (on the cover), Psyop’s frame-perfect insect “Heist” for Coke, Passion Pictures’ CG and stop motion prehistoric hi-jinx for Axe/Lynx, Iloura’s fantastic take on summer parades for Nestle, and a psychotropic lesson on why we don’t eat Yellow Snow cooked up in the Nike Brand Kitchen.

    The party continues i n the broadcast and title design line-up with Capacity and Kidrobot teaming up to kick butt for Cartoon Network, Salt adds flavor to The Clayton Brothers Signature ID for Fuel, Berlin’s dyrdee boots up the MTV Game Awards premiere and Athen’s Nomint pushes E4 IDs as far into weird-land as they’ll go before Juan Manuel Codó and Julian Martin return us to quasi-sanity with their engrossing and moody feature film titles for "Mentiras Piadosas".

    Then with the pace eased for a moment, we have time to appreciate Vinh Dickson’s powerful new short exposing contemporary slavery called “The Veiled Commodity”.

    The sheer diversity of work in the second half of 54 is foreshadowed by the four disparate works comprising the Nokia “Beautiful Connections” project, and nicely demostrated by Bonzom’s cheeky “Happy New End” clip for Passion and the absolutely mad TV mini-pilot for “Lisa” by former Gobelins students Bertrand Piocelle and Marco Nguyen at La Station Animation in Paris.

    Music videos on 54 include Marco Sandeman’s abstracted light creation for Paul McCartney’s “222”, Karni & Saul’s CG and stop motion opus “Float” for Flogging Molly, Yuval and Merav Nathan’s mesmerizing “Her Morning Elegance” for Oren Lavie, “Horse Mountain” with both animation and music created by the members of The Buddy System, Wyld Stallyons’ tribute to unrequited monster love for The Blizzards, and Geoffroy De Crecy’s cuddly cardboard creation for Rex the Dog’s “Bubblicious”.

    Stash 54 closes with the frenzied fun of PandaPanther’s “2009 Zodiac Race” for Asics but not before we squeeze in more inspiring new clips from Imaginary Forces for Microsoft, Buraco de Bala for Redbull, The Ambassadors with the “Big Bank Theory” for Alex, and two very noteworthy Stash newcomers: Corporacao Fantastica in Sao Paulo and Sticky Monster Lab in Seoul, Korea.

    The BONUS FILM on Stash 54 is the landmark open source 3D phenomenon known as “Big Buck Bunny” from the Blender Institute in the Netherlands.

    The BONUS MUSIC on Stash 54 is an audiodelic feast of six MP3s from Belgium’s Meakusma including brain-expanding tracks from, Bachel, Boris & Brecht Debackere, Terrence Dixon, Immer.Chic, Trifonic and Rony & Suzy.

    The BEHIND THE SCENES line-up is bulging with insightful features on five projects including Superfad’s Durex “Get It On”, PandaPanther’s “2009 Zodiac Race”, Iloura’s “Summer Parade”, Mainframe’s “Rehab”, and “Big Buck Bunny”.

    mORE iNFO

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    Stash 54

    Bonus Disc


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