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Video Training → Ableton Live Tutorial Video DVD ISO _ Free download

  • Ableton Live Tutorial Video DVD ISO
    Ableton Live Tutorial Video DVD ISO | 1.81 GB

    Ok, Ok this is kind of old but i have some friends and some pm´s from several sites asking me the best way to work with this software, so i found this, and hi hope this help you people to work beter with ableton live.
    Ableton Live Tutorial Video DVD ISO

    Learn to Create, Produce, and Perform with Live!

    With years of live performance experience under his belt, musician, songwriter, producer and Live expert Morgan Pottruff explains in a step by step, easy to follow style, how to get the most out of Live.

    # 38 Videos
    # Over 3 hours of instructional video
    # Extremely high quality tutorial videos
    # Easy to use interface
    # Great for users of all Live versions.
    # Mac OS X & Windows compatible
    # DVD-Rom, DVD (NTSC) and DVD (PAL) all in one package!

    38 videos and over 3 hours of instruction on Ableton Live by Morgan Pottruff, aka Morg, veteran international performer, producer and remixer. Morg has used Live for everything from electronic-classical to techno since version 1.

    About Morgan Pottruff: Morg is a well known performer, producer and remixer in the dance, trance and underground scene in North America. Morg has used Live for everything from electronic-classical to techno since version 1. He has a great pace and knack for making the difficult seem so easy. His tech background is very extensive, and he has worked as a clinician and product specialist for the last five years. He is currently a part time instructor in software based audio production at Humber College in Toronto, ON., Canada.

    He has a great pace and knack for making the difficult seem so easy. If you own Live then you need to own this DVD!

    Live 5 Tutorial DVD Content:
    38 High Quality Videos:

    1. Installation
    2. Setup
    3. The Menus
    4. Browser
    5. Getting Started
    6. Library
    7. Control Bar
    8. The Mixer
    9. Arr. vs SessionView
    10. Clip Track View
    11. Warp 1
    12. Warp 2
    13. Recording Audio
    14. Audio Effects
    15. Beat Repeater
    16. Track Automation
    17. Transport
    18. Clip Transport
    19. Recording MIDI
    20. MIDI Editing
    21. MIDI Effects
    22. Editing Arr. View
    23. Remote MIDI
    24. Remote Keyboard
    25. Rewire
    26. Cue Mon
    27. Crossfader
    28. Launching Clips
    29. Simpler
    30. Operator
    31. Impulse
    32. VST Instruments
    33. Freeze
    34. Routing I/O
    35. Clip Envelopes
    36. Follow Actions
    37. Sync
    38. Tips and Tricks

    # System Compatibility:

    This product includes QuickTime 7.x Mac/PC which is required for video playback.
    DVD-Rom drive required for Mac/PC DVD-ROM.
    DVD player required for NTSC/PAL DVD.
    Minimum screen resolution for DVD-ROM 1024 x 768.


    Windows XP Home or Professional.
    Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 800 MHz or faster.
    256 MB RAM.
    Windows MME or DirectSound Sound Card.


    Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or higher.
    Power Mac G4 867 MHz.
    256 MB RAM.
    Sound Card.

    compress... 1.81GB
    uncompress... 3.45GB


    burn or mount ISO (i recommend to burn but its your choise)
    and go.... show your skills

    Download from Hotfile

    Mirror filefactory


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